Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fabrics for redecorating

These are the fabrics that Scott and I picked out to redo and un-80's this camper. I know it is a 1997 camper, but the decor is definitely ugly and reminiscent of the 80s.  There are blue stripes on the outside, so I did want to keep blue in there somehow.

The woodsy animal tapestry print is not even a full yard that I got from the end of a bolt at Walmart and I have never been able to find again since.  I bought it with the intention of using it in a camper.  We are going to take off the ugly side panels. (I can't remember the fancy decorator term for those...) Then this fabric will go over the top of the entire valance board and corners for a straight across valance. I will probably use a solid to trim it.

The brown textured fabric is from Hobby Lobby. We are going to use it for the fabric inserts in the cupboards so they don't look so obvious, and hopefully blend in to look more like the wood of the rest of the cupboards.  We may still eventually figure out a way to face that area with wood, but I think this will be a good cheap fix for now.

The lime green velour upholstery fabric is stash fabric that my friend Phoebe gave me when she moved to Ireland.  It is going to reupholster the dinette cushions.

The swirly green fabric is well aged stash fabric and it will be replacing the curtains in the kids bunks.

The brown with dots diamond fabric is going for valences in the master bedroom. It will just be a straight valance and cover all the ugly that was the old valances. This is from Hobby Lobby

The light blue will be curtains . Also from Hobby Lobby

The green diamond fabric will cover the fabric bumper/valance over the front door and the sliding door in the bedroom. Another Hobby Lobby fabric.

The large polka dots will be pillows for the jackknife sofa

In the background you can see a swirly brown fabric.  This is from an old sofa and loveseat slipcover set that I am going to repurpose the fabric to recover the jackknife sofa and the rocking chair.

We are definitely on the budget plan for this redo, but by using stash fabric and repurposing my old slipcovers, I think the small amount of fabric I do have to buy wont be too bad and it will be so nice to have a nice looking interior.  We are also planning on painting the ugly wallpaper.

Next year we hope to remove the walls and put new floor surfaces in.  I am hoping we can do laminate flooring, but if not, at least we will put a nice neutral vinyl in.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More pictures!

I went and got more photos of the camper we are going to be buying.  We also found out the details on it.  It is a 1997 Skyline Nomad 30' travel trailer.  We are pretty excited because the guy is giving us a bunch of extra stuff including one of the fancy anti-sway hitches. (I don't know which one because I was taking pictures when Scott was talking to his friend that is selling it to us.)  Sorry some of the photos are blurry, I think it is the slow shutter speed since it was a little dark inside.

  This is all sealed up.  We just need to fix the trim.  We were in there right after it had poured and it was dry as a bone.  We will be Eternabonding the roof seams and protusions anyhow.  This is the only (non-cosmetic) thing we need to do to fix this up which is a refreshing change from our last couple of campers.

 Ducted A/C- another new concept for having a newer camper. :o)

 Yay! A microwave in the camper.
 Nice big and separate fridge and freezer fridge!

 We are not sure how, but eventually those tacky mirrored cupboard doors are going along with the ugly upholstery.