Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More pictures!

I went and got more photos of the camper we are going to be buying.  We also found out the details on it.  It is a 1997 Skyline Nomad 30' travel trailer.  We are pretty excited because the guy is giving us a bunch of extra stuff including one of the fancy anti-sway hitches. (I don't know which one because I was taking pictures when Scott was talking to his friend that is selling it to us.)  Sorry some of the photos are blurry, I think it is the slow shutter speed since it was a little dark inside.

  This is all sealed up.  We just need to fix the trim.  We were in there right after it had poured and it was dry as a bone.  We will be Eternabonding the roof seams and protusions anyhow.  This is the only (non-cosmetic) thing we need to do to fix this up which is a refreshing change from our last couple of campers.

 Ducted A/C- another new concept for having a newer camper. :o)

 Yay! A microwave in the camper.
 Nice big and separate fridge and freezer fridge!

 We are not sure how, but eventually those tacky mirrored cupboard doors are going along with the ugly upholstery.

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